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Roku Premiere + 2.4Ghz

I just picked up a Roku Premiere + this week and I have to say I'm kind of surprised it is a 4K HDR device without a gigabit ethernet port or even 5Ghz 802.11AC. Is anyone else having trouble streaming 4K HDR content without buffering? I have 200/10 internet, more than capable to handle 4K streaming, and my 5Ghz network is capable of pushing those speeds. 2.4Ghz, not so much. I know there is the Roku Ultra, with only a 10/100 ethernet port, but with 802.11AC MIMO, but it is twice the price. Does anybody have any tips or insight on how to help with the buffering on a 2.4Ghz network?

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Re: Roku Premiere + 2.4Ghz

I've only encountered issues streaming my local UHD content, which can easily exceed 100 Mbps bitstreams. But from any online source, you won't get anywhere close to saturating a 100 Mbps connection. Netflix tops out at 16 Mbps with 4K material, and Amazon is about the same. I doubt any site streams much higher. Still, 2.4 GHz 802.11N is capable of streaming as fast as 300 Mbps, or even the lower performance versions reach 150 Mbps. Of course, 2.4 GHz is far more crowded and noisy than 5 GHz, which can had an influence on data bitrates. 
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