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Roku Premier will not maintain connections suddenly

I came home and went to watch something while eating dinner but noticed My Roku Premier that I've had for about 4.5 years gave me a notice that I didn't have wifi connected while I attempted to open an app. But the main menu was still accurately displaying the time in the corner of the screen. Then it gave me the question indicating that it logged completely out of the wifi. So in my attempt to reconnect I selected the option to connect via dorm room or hotel. Using my phone connected to the roku, but as it opened the browser the roku suddenly disconnects from my phone. And when I open my wifi settings the roku players signal doesn't even display as per usual, it even takes approximately 20 seconds to reappear on my phone. Plus I noticed that instead of displaying "not connected" in the upper right hand corner like normal, when it is disconnected from the wifi, its blank. Plus the light on the front of the device is solid like its connected. Because when it doesn't have internet the light blinks. 

So I'm curious, did my roku just puke??? I'm really hoping not, since it is my only means of entertainment! 

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