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Roku Express+ won't connect to network after downloading software update – SOLVED!

Solution (spoiler alert): DHCP switch to Reserve

Just purchased Roku Express+ 3910 through Roku $15 promotion. It worked on Day One (4/15/20) and updated two times. Day Two, No Network Connection, RE+ could see my WIFI network (very strong signal) but not connect (yes my password was accurate). Location is just 12 feet from WIFI router. Restarted RE+ and network (modem/router) many times, still no network connection.

I opened the Linksys App on my Android phone. Allowed 30 seconds wait-time for the App to find 27 connected devices. In the upper left corner there are 3 horizontal bars, press once. Second item from top is Devices, press once. Scroll to find Roku Express+ from list, press once to open. Move to bottom third of page, see IP Address on left, DHCP in Blue on right !!!! Press once (wait 10 seconds and magic happens). It should switch to “Reserve DHCP”. Boom; RE+ Network Connection!

RE+ was the only device on my list that wasn’t “Reserve DHCP”. I don’t know why or how that happened but overnight, RE+ Network Connection is still there. Fingers Crossed!

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Re: Roku Express+ won't connect to network after downloading software update – SOLVED!

Your solution fixed my problem!! So thankful you posted because the customer service from roku doesn’t exist!  As of yet I still haven’t had a response to my email asking for help.   Thanks again!

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