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Roku Express will not connect

I have 4 roku's. 3 are connecting fine. One will not. I have restarted the router, restarted the roku, checked credentials and updates and tried taking every other device off the network to connect only the one. Each several times. 


Nothing works. Literally every other device, roku and otherwise, connects to the network fine. 


Can a roku just die one day and not work anymore or are these things pretty reliable?

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Re: Roku Express will not connect

The Roku Express seems to have an especially difficult time connecting to the network, especially after being updated.  You are probably in a better position than most since you have more options to troubleshoot (more TVs and other working Roku devices).

What are all your Roku model numbers? (all four)

The Express can only operate on the 2.4gz network band, so first step is to confirm that your router is configured properly.... Under the Wireless Settings the 2.4gz radio needs to be enabled and broadcasting, protocols set to b/g/n (Mixed), 20mhz Bandwidth, and a channel set between 1 and 11. (not 12, 13, or 14).

You can also try moving the Express to another TV location and see if you can get to connect.  But you first have to verify the above conditions.  If you download a wifi analyzer app to a mobile device, will make network troubleshooting easier/more visible to you to see what is going on.

If you are still having problems, post back with info from above.

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