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Re: Roku Express + plus weak wifi signal.

Woke up to the same issue today.  Can only get the wireless on my Roku Express to function when it's right next to the router.  Luckily I could get a fairly cheap replacement with the deal this week.

Roku needs to sort out their heat issues with the next generation, or they'll probably lose a fairly loyal customer in me.  My first ever Roku, a Roku 2 XD is still by far the best functioning device I've owned and still sits at well under 40C under heavy use.  Every subsequent device I've owned (Several Roku 1's, a Roku 2, Roku Express) has been between 70 and 100 Celsius EVEN WHEN IDLE.  That's some freaking hot electronics man.  Gets pretty frustrating.  I've even resorted to taking them apart before to attach heat sinks, but still barely helps.
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