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Roku Express no longer connecting to WIFI

I see lots of posts/questions about Roku Express not connecting to WIFI.   I reviewed many but none help.

1.  I have had the Roku Express with Cox Internet for about 1 year.  been working fine vis HDMI cable.

2.  I have 1 other tv with Roku Express and another TV with Roku Streaming stick plus.  Both are connecting fine.

3.  The tv with issue, frequently started buffering or completing ending programming and going back to home page.  Today it quit working.

4.  I checked connection and it showed excellent, yet the frequent buffering or ending continued.

5.  I reviewed troubleshooting instructions and pretty much did them all.  I have received almost every one of the issues shown as examples.  

6.  I rebooted the router,  System/Restart the Roku, did a Roku reset and even unplugged the Roku.

7.  I tried my cell as a hotspots and that didn't work either (and I confirmed the password is correct) 

8.  I've double checked password (it's working with all other devices), 

9.  This tv is the one closest to the router.  The TV/Roku outside is working fine.

10.  The error Code I am getting is 14.50.

11.  I just increased my speed with ISP on 1/4/21 from 50 mbps to 150 mobs.  Seems odd to me this is when the issues for this TV started.  Called them and they say everything is working fine on their end.  

I hope I provided the right/enough info for assistance as I am stumped after troubleshooting for 1.5 hours and no tv to watch to now to help put me to sleep.  LOL

Thank you



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Re: Roku Express no longer connecting to WIFI

I also tried changing the HDMI cable from a tv that was working, no luck.  I am completely baffled.



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Re: Roku Express no longer connecting to WIFI

Last resort, I swapped out Roku Express from the other room to this tv with issues, that worked!  

Now, to find out why 1  year old Roku Express failed.  And if the one that is working now will fail soon as well, bought at the same time.


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