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Roku Express and network connection issue

i have had my Roku for 3 months now. I had no problem setting it up and connection to my network.  Two days ago all of a sudden it will not connect.  Nothing has changed with my ISP. I can connect my laptop standing right by my Roku.  When I look at the settings it is not recognizing my network at all.  I do not have password on my router.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  

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Re: Roku Express and network connection issue

you don't say explicitly, but since you checking the network when standing next to the roku implies youre connecting via wifi. 
it could be interference from a neighbor causing the problem.  nothing changed in your setup but someone's devices are interferring with your wifi.  to check, download acrylic wifi and see what's being broadcast when standing near your roku.  i'll bet a signal from elsewhere is crowding you.  once you know what channels are crowded, you can change the wifi channel on your router to a less crowded channel.  probably for 2.4Ghz, it'll be one of channels 1, 6 or 11. 

if the express is trying to connect via 5Ghz, that signal might just be too low from your router.  5Ghz attenuates due to obstructions much easier than 2.4Ghz.

post back once you've done the scan and maybe post a screen shot when scanning near the roku.  be sure to identify which signal is from your router.

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