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Roku Express Wifi Peformance with BT-home Wifi

Dear forum users,

I have a Roku Express (3 months old) connected to a BT Home Wifi (mesh wifi) of a similar age. I am experiencing playback issues on several channels on Live TV Player e.g. Discovery Turbo etc., but more importantly Roku is indicating Wifi status is poor. Obviously I move the Roku and the BT Wifi disc very close together (less than 2m), but Roku shows good signal. Using a Nexus 6P and the Live TV player app there are no issues. Nexus speedtest shows 180 Mbps downlink speed at the same location as the Roku stick (Virgin 200 Mbps BB). Roku wifi secret Wifi performance is appalling. See attached photo.
Live TV player really suffers (that's a separate issue), but I don't understand why Roku Express has such a poor Wifi performance when the BT wifi disc is so close and other devices (Amazon echo, iPhone, Android etc all work very well).
I have tried everything on the Roku support web site and more. Does anyone have any ideas. Remember the Wifi access point is only 2m away from the Roku express stick and according to the wifi it's performing extremely well and the Roku express is connected to that BT disc!

Secret Wifi Screen Status

[img=1215x1536][/img]" />

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