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Roku Express+ Locks up, resets itself, drops from the wifi, etc etc etc

I'm posting this to a new thread seeing as how nobody has bothered to reply to my post in this thread (


And I have checked, my wifi signal (when the Roku is actually connected to the wifi and not acting up) is excellent. Please help, or let me know if this is a defective item.


Re: Roku Express Drops WiFi, Freezes, Restarts...

I have this same issue. The wifi channel has NOTHING to do with it in my situation, as we have 2 other devices connected to the same 2.4ghz wifi router without ANY problems and 3 more connected to the 5ghz network. (cell phones, laptop, desktop, and a tablet.) This is the only device that has issues. I could be in the middle of a show and all of a sudden it comes up as buffering and says that it's not connected to the internet, then magically reconnects itself and continues the video. This happens with ANY app that is installed, which isn't that many. Restarting the device does nothing to correct this.


I've also had issues with the device locking up and restarting itself for no apparent reason. I've had it for about 2 months now and this has happened a handful of times.


I'm using the Roku Express+



Just happened again in the middle of a movie on Shudder. But yet this time, it apparently logged me out of my shudder account and conveniently "forgot" my username and password as if I had uninstalled it and reinstalled.

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