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Roku Express - Dorm Hotel mode not working

The Roku Express cannot connect to my Hotel Network – actually it connects to that network, but not supply the loing information too allow Internet access.
My hotel does not require a password,
But on connecting to the Wireless it requires an “accept terms” button on a web page to allow Internet access.
It shows the Hotel network on the list. But trying to connect - The Roku connects to the network, shows - connecting, connected to local network, connecting to Internet, And then brings up “update software”,
And that fails, and only two options, try again (which fails again), or cancel, which goes back to the network listings.
It does not come up with the “Dorm or Hotel” option as in the documentation, so one cannot use another device to fulfill the login requirements.
    This is not shows: “select I am at a hotel or college dorm.”…
   ( )
The connection screen shows error 003 – which is not listed on the Roku pages.
So, it does not connect, it does not show the Hotel page he documentation claims, and the error it shows is not in their documented error list.
And they say – this device does not qualify for support.

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Re: Roku Express - Dorm Hotel mode not working

Facing similar issue with an open wifi network that requires additional information once it connects. I am able to connect on my phone with the browser. I wonder what is the right approach on the TV.

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Re: Roku Express - Dorm Hotel mode not working

I have had difficulty getting Hotel mode to work correctly when using my iPad as the connection device. The window on the Roku would close too quickly, long before I had completed the data entry on the iPad. What I found was that by using my laptop instead of my iPad, it worked perfectly every time. Sounds to me that something in iOS is triggering the Roku to think it's done. Maybe the new iOS 13 will change that. 


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