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Roku Express+ , Cannot connect to internet

I know that by simply reading my subject it seems simple, that is most def NOT the case here. I absolutely CANNOT connect my Roku Express+ to my home internet. I have checked password, checked signal strength, new router, a Vizio tech even serviced both of my TV's (My Vizio SmartCast tv did actually have another issue aside from this). I have spoken to MediaCom which is my internet provider, (I have no other option for internet service in my area or else I'd switch) I've obviously spoken to Vizio they have done the very best they could to help me. All my other devices in my home (Cell phones, laptop, tablet...) will connect to my internet except the Roku. I CAN get the Roku to connect via Mobile Hotspot on my iPhone and another cell via hotspot. Worked just fine but that option is not a resolution. The Roku i have does NOT have an ethernet port or else I'd use that, which would be an inconvenience but whatever. I do not want to just go buy another Roku because this one was given to me, I mean I could but im so unsure of where the issue is stemming. I really want to make sure and check all possible options because my personal opinion is that its the internet but they swear up and down that its not. Well funny thing is that my Vizio SmartCast TV in my living room has not EVER been able to connect to the internet and the only resolution was to use the ethernet cord, which is okay cause the tv and router arent going anywhere, but still a large inconvenience now that i'm this issue. I do not know how to resolve this issue other than going to buy a Roku that has ethernet port and do it that way BUT the TV i want to use Roku on is in my bedroom so how would i connect the Roku to the router without having a 15ft (exaggeration) cord crossing my hallways and doorways, up the wall and into this tiny little box. Im running out of options at this point and im EXTREMELY furious that i have to waste so much time thinking about what to do, explaining my situation and paying for a service thru many different streaming providers for use on 2 tv's when i cant even do it. 
Neither MediaCom or Vizio have access or have been provided with a program that allows them to research issues with devices, which is insane to me since i have worked customer service. With that being said is there anyone out there that is or has had this issue? If so, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE attempt to help me. 

Thank You in advance 

Roku Express+
Serial No.: YG0066402427
Software: 8.0.1 build 4042-51
Device ID: C53796402427

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Re: Roku Express+ , Cannot connect to internet

I'm probably in the lower tier of guys who should be offering advice, but since no one has responded yet, I'll offer up my two cents and bump this topic up...

You didn't say whether your gift Roku was used or not.  In either case, I'd do a reset on it (you'll have to look that up...).  The way I activate a new Roku is to first log into my admin account at the Roku website.  Maybe you'll already see it listed there...?  (In that case, I'd delete the unit from that list if you've already reset the Roku itself.)  Once I'm logged in to my Roku admin account and click/select "add a unit," I hook up the Roku, and pretty much follow the guidance on the TV screen.  See your network/wireless router name, select it, be sure there are at least 3 signal strength bars or else it won't install, enter your router's passcode (network password).  Anyway, after doing all the stuff at the TV with your remote, you will be given a code on your TV screen to enter on your computer to truly activate the Roku that you are setting up.  Enter the code, give the Roku a name according to location.  Go back and try it out on the TV.  I hit Roku "Home" then go to the Roku channel.

Well, don't be too upset with me if you've done all this (I watched the setup video that Roku provides, plus looked at the printed instructions included with the Roku unit.)  I've been guilty of overlooking some simple step, or typing in codes wrong, or some other thing that should not have been a problem.  But I've installed five of these without a hitch whatsoever, and so I'm thinking that there is some simple yet fundamental flaw in your setting the unit up.  I don't know.  But, as I warned, this is my two cents from someone who doesn't know a whole lot.  Good luck.
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Re: Roku Express+ , Cannot connect to internet

Curious, what wireless router/access point are you using?
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Re: Roku Express+ , Cannot connect to internet

Some people had trouble with the Roku name because of the plus sign in the name. There is a workaround, but somehow you have to get it connected to the Internet somehow. Either remove security temporarily, or try using a phone hotspot. Once you have it connected to your Roku account, you can rename the device on the web site and remove the plus sign. Once it's gone, you should be able to get it connected to your router with your usual security. 
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