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Roku Express Bad

I won a free Express. Came yesterday. I have a different Roku in BR. Set Express up in LR. It found my wireless and connected and did an update. I watched it go from 0 - 99. It restarted itself. It asked for wireless info again, I entered it. Will not connect. Tried everything including reset button and unplugging over nite. Still same. Came online read some on these post. Only 3 feet from router. Maybe problem. I then took to BR and tried there. Same thing. I can see it has an address and proper MAC on my router though stating it has no connection. Is it just a bad one?

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Re: Roku Express Bad

For some reason Rokus often can't get through the initial update when connected to a perfectly fine network.  The solution usually is to use a phone as a hotspot and connect to that just to get through the initial setup.

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