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Roku Express (3900x) no wifi connection to Virgin HUB4

Hi   Recently had a HUB4 installed from Virgin (uses wave 2 802.11ac WiFi standard, including 3×3 MIMO on the 2.4GHz band and 4×4 MIMO on the 5GHz frequency) now my Roku Express 3900x (which uses connectivity IEEE 802.11b/g/n) will not connect over wifi  to the HUB4.

       No ethernet connection option on my Roku and tried disabling the pings on the Roku also with no result.

Would there be a firmware update on the Roku Express to resolve this wifi issue ? or option to get Virgin to tweek config in the HUB4 somehow ? or do i blitz the HUB4 and ask Virgin to downgrade me back to their HUB3 where the wifi with the Roku seemed to work.

Any advice on possible steps to solve welcome


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Re: Roku Express (3900x) no wifi connection to Virgin HUB4

As i am the submitter of issue - and having sent an email to Roku support, they suspect there was a fault with the Roku express, so I have posted it back to them as they have offered a free replacement which I hope will resolve the issue

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