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Roku Devices that do not utilize wireless remotes or create hidden SSIDs

I am looking to purchase two new Roku devices that do not create a hidden SSID.

I have 3 FireTV sticks that all do this and slow down my 5GHZ from 100MBPS to 15MBPS. Unplug them and the speed goes back to normal when the hidden SSID disappears.

My new Roku TV either doesn't do this, or it doesn't show up with wifi analyzer and is implemented better than Amazon. My 2016 Roku Streaming stick didn't do this, but my old Roku 3 did.

I don't want or need a wireless remote, can someone please provide me with a list of Roku devices that do not create hidden SSIDs, or if I'm mistaken please enlighten me more on why the Roku implementation is better than the FireTV stick?



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Re: Roku Devices that do not utilize wireless remotes or create hidden SSIDs

The only Roku device that don't support WiFi Direct remotes is the Express. The Express+ comes with a WiFi Direct remote, and the Premiere does support them, even though it only comes with an IR remote. Also, many of the Roku TVs are IR only, but likely only the smaller versions. My 43" Sharp Roku TV has an IR remote, but I just checked the menu and it does support WiFi Remotes. 

That said, I'm sitting 3 feet away from that TV (using it as my telework monitor) and my phone is not reporting any SSID from either it, or my two Ultra players downstairs. Now, I've seen the direct connect SSID before from them, so perhaps those are just "asleep" right now.

But I don't know of any Roku that has a hidden SSID. It's always been visible when I look for a connection. Unless the WiFi Direct is using a completely different SSID from the one broadcast. 

Anyway, bottom line is the Express is the only Roku player in the current lineup that has no support for a WiFi Direct remote.


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Re: Roku Devices that do not utilize wireless remotes or create hidden SSIDs


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