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Roku Devices Corrupting My WiFi Network

I have several Roku devices in my house, 2 TV's and 2 Streaming Sticks. All are connected via WiFi.

After having issues with my WiFi pereformance, I used a WiFi analyzer to see what was going on. Lo and behold I found second Wifi network (HiddenSSID) with a Roku MAC ID planted directly on my Wifi channel and producing more signal than my Wifi router!

The HiddenSSID device followed my Wifi after I changed the channel I was using.

Some searching on the Web revealed that the Roku Sticks and TV's use Wifi to talk to the remotes and that they intentionally produce a Direct Connect Wifi using the same channel that it is using for receiving streaming traffic. The device intentionally generates a signal that is stronger than the incoming Wifi, which corrupts non-Roku traffic on the Wifi, and also bogs down my Router with bogus traffic, this makes it difficult for my WFH users and has even taken down my network!

There are many "solutions" to this problem on the Web, but so far none of them work. BTW Roku, this is a clear violations of the 802.11 protocols.

How do I turn this interference off?!?!?


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