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Roku Device Port Scanning Home Network

My computer running Symantec Endpoint Protection on my home network, detected a port scan originating from my Roku device. To the best of my knowledge this is not normal or acceptable. Can someone explain why Roku needs to scan other devices on my network? Here is the log from SEP. (I masked out the IP ... I looked up the number in my router user list and confirmed it is the Roku device.)

Somebody is scanning your computer.
Your computer's UDP ports:
56332, 62302, 57813, 65211 and 64683 have been scanned from

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Re: Roku Device Port Scanning Home Network

This just happened to me as well from a Roku-integrated TV. It's happened twice in the past hour- has never happened before this. Anybody know what the **bleep** this is? Is this something that Roku is doing or is there a vulnerability in Roku software?

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