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Roku Bandwidth measurement?

I am troubleshooting a friends Roku connection issues.    There are on an AT&T 25 meg connection.  25/5.   They main TV uses an older square box, unsure of model, which used to work seemingly okay but now they cannot watch Netflix.

But the one question I have is about how Roku devices measures available bandwidth during the connection test?   I tested a separate tv that was using an older Roku stick.   And this one is sitting like 2 feet away from the users Gateway.  When the test is done it shows bandwidth available as only 9 Mbps.  A laptop sitting in the same room connected via wifi to the same Gateway was measuring about 30 Mbps on a speedtest.

When testing the wireless connections at my own home using newer Roku +s I show bandwidth available in the 90s (Mbps)usually.   Even though I have up to 300 Mbps available depending in distance obviously.  So this has me wondering if this a range issue or the Roku's don't neccesarily measure the full bandwidth available?

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