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Roku 3810EU won't find/connect to 5ghz

Hello from the UK, 


I have a roku streaming stick+ (model 3810eu) which seems to be one the only ones can get here. (eg can't find the more powerful/ethernet ones I mean) 

Why can't I get 5ghz WiFi to work on anything other then channel 36?


2. 4ghz works on all channels but there'd over 30 signals as I live in a very dense area so it's very congested across all channels and my 160mbps speeds drop to 10mbps due to mass interference. 

In addition there's 18 signals on 5ghz channels 36 - 44+136


Only free channels is 100+ (excluding 136) but roku refuses to connect to any above 44.

WiFi on channels 36-44 won't go above 17mbps on tests due to the interfere from several bt hotpots and 16 residents all on same channels/band so therefore keeps dropping and buffering every now and then after maybe. 30 mins or so of watching a HD film


(speed test according to my phone as can't seem to check on roku itself) 

But if I go to any channel over 100 my wireless speed is a full 150+mbps even channel 136 that has 1 other router on the channel I still get over 80mbps.


Is there any way at all to avoid the interference by getting roku 3810eu firmware updated to allow higher channels in the UK?


If jot I'll have to buy a firestick and sell my roku on or just bin it or save it in case I ever move out of a city. 

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Re: Roku 3810EU won't find/connect to 5ghz

@DragonWolf5589 Thanks for reaching out here. Sorry to hear about the issue you're running into. In General, Roku devices do not support connections to DFS wireless channels. You can see more about DFS here. I'd like to gather some more details to see how else we can assist here though. In theory, as long as the channel isn't a DFS channel, you should be able to connect to it.  

1. What is the specific brand and model of wireless router that you are using to connect your device to? 

2. Have you tried using a different wireless router to see if you experience the same behavior on the 5GHz wireless band? 

3. Which specific channels have you tried to connect to using your wireless router when you are unable to connect? 

I can help pass these details along to our team to take a closer look and see what other recommendations we can make. 




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