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Re: Roku 3 can't see 5ghz network?

@CHF17 wrote:

almost all routers are set to auto-assign the channel. You have to use the web interface for the router to make any changes. Since each brand and model looks different, I can't tell you exactly where to look. But it will be somewhere in the wireless settings. Just make sure the 5 GHz channel you choose isn't within the DFS range, so 48 or below, or 149 or higher. 

I don’t understand the terms I underlined and bolded.  you wrote. 

Every router has some sort of method to configure its settings. Almost all of them have a user interface that you connect to like a web page. Without knowing your precise brand and model, and not knowing your internal IP network address scheme, I can't say exactly how to connect and log in.

Assuming your Roku supports the 5 GHz band (not all do), and your router also supports the same band (not all do), one you log into the interface there will be settings for each radio. If it has dual band radios, there will be separate settings for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios. Under the 5 GHz radio, the channel selection likely is set to Auto by defaultThis Wiki page lists all the different channel numbers, and if they are permitted to be used by geographical area. So if you are in the United States (for example), look at that column and any channel that is Green and says "Yes" can be used.

Notice that some are green, but are labeled DFS/TPC. While they are legal to use in the US, they have the potential for causing and receiving interference from higher authority users, and are also power restricted. Therefore, Roku devices are not even designed to use those channels. If you look at the channel numbers that are permitted without restriction (non-DFS) they number from 32-48 and from 149-165. Any channel within those two blocks will work for Roku devices with dual-band WiFi radios. Again, not all Roku devices have dual-band radios. 

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