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Roku 3 Internet Speed

In Roku 3 if you go to network and then about it shows you the speed of Roku. My Roku is connected with ethernet cable and it shows a speed of 80mbps however my internet plan is 200mbps top speed. With WIFI I understand that speeds are gonna be slower but with ethernet shouldn't I get all 200 out of Roku? Or is Roku only capable of certain speed? Is what I'm getting good or no? 




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Re: Roku 3 Speed

Every Roku with an Ethernet connection only supports Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps). With network overhead, actual maximum speed is closer to 90 Mbps. What your Roku is reporting is about all it can do. And unless you are trying to watch uncompressed UHD content from a local source, it's more than enough for anything that streams.

WiFi has the potential for higher speeds, especially when using the 5 GHz band. And your Roku 3 is dual band wireless, so it does support 5 GHz. 

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Re: Roku 3 Speed

even wifi has limits.

you wont need a fraction of that speed.

4k around 25 Mbps.

HD around 6 Mbps.

(Mbps varies depending on channel)

i have 5g,but set on 2g,cause doesn't matter.

i don't do 4k.

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