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Remote drops connection becomes unresponsive

I have a Roku Ultra and my remote becomes unresponsive every few minutes.

I bought this Ultra about a year ago.  I had this problem where the remote would suddenly stop working. I thought it was the unit itself so I returned it.  I did that 3 times.  After much searching I found the fix was to turn off Device Connect under advanced settings.  And this fixed my issue.  My remote worked fine for months.  The only odd issue was the volume buttons would randomly think they were back buttons or pause buttons but pressing mute on and off would fix this no big deal. 

Now I was attempting to learn how to mirror my phone and the instructions said to turn on device connect and I did before remembering this caused an issue.  Now I can't turn it back off.  If I go under advanced settings and attempt to turn it off it says I can't do that while the voice remote is connected.  If I take the batteries out of the remote and use the iPhone app it says I can't turn it off while using the app. 

I have hard rebooted the device.  I have factory reset the device. I have changed the batteries (multiple times).  I have tried to change the WiFi of the router but my router doesn't seem to give me that option.  I've loaded the secret WiFi menu to turn off interface as one site suggested but apparently that option is no longer there. 

Any help would be appreciated. I believe it is something specific to my set up and the ultra.  I had the Roku 3 before this and had no issues. 

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Re: Remote drops connection becomes unresponsive

Updated. I believe I found a temporary (perhaps permanent fix.  LOL) 

First I tried hardwiring the connection to the Roku.  Thinking this would take it off WiFi and if there was some sort of WiFi interference between the Roku and remote as other people have said this would fix the problem. The remote lost connection in under a minute, so no.  I then thought well if I can't turn off device connect with the Roku remote paired and I can't do it while using the iPhone app I'd go get a universal remote.  Did that. Unpaired the Roku remote and used the universal remote and boom. Device connect turned off.  Buuuut. Then the Roku remote wouldn't re-pair.  which wasn't a problem in the past as I had this feature off for the last year.  So I successfully turned off my problem but now I still can't use the remote.  LOL. 

So decided I'd just keep using the universal remote.  Sadly I bought a cheap one and I didn't like it.  The arrow wheel was just too small and for Roku players you use that a lot.  So I went and found the One for All remote.  Apparently it's a streaming universal remote. Looks very similar to the Roku remote and works fine and bonus I can reprogram the bottom 4 buttons unlike the stock remote. 

If anyone does have a fix for this I'd love to hear it and go back to my original remote but I wanted to post my results here in case anyone else comes along with the same problem and wanted an answer. 

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