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Remote doesn't work, can't pair phone and roku to use app

A couple years ago my roku express remote stopped working.  I put new batteries in.  The,  I tried taking the batteries out and turning off/on the device as many posts suggest. However, the remote still wouldn't work.  I gave up on the remote and began using the mobile app as a remote for the roku. This worked great until yesterday my router began to malfunction, and I was forced to upgrade and buy a new router. This means a new Wifi network.  The roku will only pair with a phone through the app if they are both on the same wireless network.  My roku was only set up with the old Wifi.  With no remote, I am unable to control the roku to set up the new network.  Is there any hope here, or am I going to have to purchase a new roku?  

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Re: Remote doesn't work, can't pair phone and roku to use app

You don't necessarily need a new Roku, just a new remote.  First, verify that your old remote is really not working.  Put fresh batteries in it and point it at your cell phone camera.  You should see a bright white flash every time you press a button.  If you don't see a flash, then you just need a new remote.  Cheap universal remotes can be found at the dollar store.  If you do see a flash, it's still probably worthwhile to get a cheap remote before replacing your Roku.  You do need a physical remote to set up the Wi-Fi.  If you can change your new router's settings (SSID and password) to match your old router, your Roku should connect and then you can go back to using the app.

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Remote doesn't pair anymore

I have a Roku 3 and suddenly the remote will not pair. I have tried all the suggestions that have been posted as well as those in the support section. Nothing has worked. The remote seems to pair as the flashing green light goes off but 5 secs later, the light flashes and the screen indicates it is pairing again. This endless loop continues so the pairing never actually takes hold.

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