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Remote control WIFI interfering with 5GHz network.

I keep having wifi issues because the Streaming Stick+ broadcasts on top of my 5ghz wifi channel. There is no option to change this. 2.4Ghz is unusable where I live because of interference. If I turn my Roku off my Wifi works perfectly. I understand this is how the remote communicates to the Streaming Stick+. You really need to fix this for all your users as it causes interference to everyone's wifi. It doesn't matter if I am on a 20MHz channel or a 40MHz channel your stick broadcasts over my network. You need to push a software update to everyone to remedy this issue so the stick will pick an unused channel and be able to detect how wide a channel the Access Point/Router is broadcasting so it doesn't sit on top of the wider channels. I have a degree in Cisco Networking and used to work as a Network Administrator for the nations 2 largest wireless isps. Here are photos of the roku sitting on top of my wifi channels.

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