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Re-connecting to wifi

I have had my roku express for about a year now and have never had issues with connecting it to the internet. But the other day my son accidentally pulled the power cord out of our router and now I can not get the internet to work properly on my roku, there’s no issues with any other device in our house.  I have reset my internet about 6 times and even did a hard reset to factory restore the router, on top of restarting my roku multiple times and also factory resetting the roku. I have not moved the roku or router from where they have always been. I also reset the network connection. I even tried connecting the roku to my phones hotspot and I just can not get it to work properly. Sometimes it will connect to the internet after about 5 minutes of trying to set up the network but it will only last a few minutes and as soon as I try to add a channel or watch something on it, it will say I am not connected to a network and ask me to set one up. I have been going In circles with this for Almost 2 days now and do not understand what I have to do to get it to work the way it used to. I have got every error from low signal strength (which is not possible bc my house is not even 1000sq ft and they’re right next to eachother) 009, 016, 014.30, 014.40, 014.50. Now here’s the catch, I have 2 roku express’s and the other one I have not factory reset, but I am still having the same problems with the other one as well, but more of “low signal” issues and spotty connection than anything with the second one: And if every other device in our house wasn’t working right after the six times that I’ve reset my Internet I would chalk it up to having issues with my Internet but I am starting to wonder if it has something to do with the last update on the Roku expresses on December 18, why else would I be having issues with both of them? Please help 

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