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Problems Connecting to Closest Unifi Access Point

I have 3 Unifi access points setup in my house, one on each level. I have AC-LR's upstairs and in the basement and on the main level I have an AC-Pro. In the basement I have a Roku Streaming Stick 3500X in the basement about 25 feet from the AC-LR in the basement.

The problem I'm having is that the 3500X keeps connecting to the upstairs AC-LR (the furthest from the unit) and the one with the weakest signal. I have each of the 3 APs set on different non-overlapping channels with both 2.4G & 5G radios. It doesn't matter whether I connect to the 2.4G or 5G radios; it keeps connecting to the same AP. If I disconnect the two furthest APs, the 3500X connects to the correct one, but then reconnects to the furthest one whenever I reconnect the them.

I've done network resets and factory resets on the 3500X, but the same thing keeps happening. I've also tried going into the secret menu and playing around with the WiFi settings but nothing seems to resolve it.

All of the other devices in the house connect to the closest AP. I've even connected a Fire Stick in the same location and it connects to the correct AP.

Has anyone else had this same problem or have any suggestions as to how to fix it?

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Re: Problems Connecting to Closest Unifi Access Point

Just a guess, but the 3500 is getting old (released March 2014) and might simply be failing. Not that it seems logical, but I don't have a better explanation. My devices always connect to the last AP they connected to, but I also use a different SSID on each access point, and for each band as well. So I always know exactly where they are connecting. 

Just a thought: is the firmware the same version on all your Unifi units? Perhaps there's something different between the basement unit and the others, either firmware or a setting of some kind. 

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Re: Problems Connecting to Closest Unifi Access Point

@Schiffy  One suggestion to try here. In Settings>System>Advanced system settings use the option for 'Network connection reset' to reset the network settings entirely, then try connecting to your network again and see if your device selects the closest AP. In theory, it should connect to the AP with the highest received signal strength. 

Keep us posted from there! 




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