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Poor WiFi Signal Strength after 9.2 update

After the Roku 3900x Express updated to 9.2, the signal strength is poor when it was excellent before. The router is pretty close to the device and not sure why it shows poor connection. Any tips? Future updates for WiFi improvement?

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Re: Poor WiFi Signal Strength after 9.2 update

Exactly what is "pretty close"? It's possible to be too close with WiFi devices, but assuming nothing has moved since you were getting excellent signal reports, that's likely not it. 

Another possibility is a new source of interference that by coincidence just happened to start about the time you got the 9.2 update. I don't have an Express, but my Premiere shows the same signal level before and after the 9.2 update. 

You can try changing the channel your router uses for WiFi. If it's on a mid-channel (5-7) try one at the low or high end of the range. If it's already at one end, try the other end, as well as a mid-channel. See if that helps. 

WiFi uses the 2.4 GHz radio band, which is very crowded with things like cordless phones, microwave ovens, and many more. A channel change can make a huge difference sometimes. Also, 2.4 GHz is a very small radio wave. Moving the Roku or the router as little as 6 inches could make a difference as well.

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Re: Poor WiFi Signal Strength after 9.2 update

I'm running into the same problem, but on two devices, one wifi, one hardwired. 

I have an ultra with wired connection, and a Express wireless.

My phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, all 100mbps.

Both Roku devices, 6 - 12mbps.  No streaming apps will even load.  Get network error.

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Re: Poor WiFi Signal Strength after 9.2 update

Right after Roku does any kind of an "update" there is usually a few months of disconnected internet or WIFI issues.  I guess they have to work out the "bugs" on their updates.  I've had my Roku for almost two years and this happens every time I hear of an "update".  I know that for about three weeks - a month, after the "update" I will be having problems every day.  It's not your system, and they (Roku) will tell you a ton of things to change / reset, but it's not an issue with your system, it's an issue with whatever "update" they do.