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Please help

So yesterday I had my Roku TV connected to my hotspot just fine. nNow today it connects it says it has an excellent signal but none of my apps will play. I restart device go back to connect and then it says, where am I?so I try saying I'm at a dorm and go to the Roku WiFi on my phone but it says there's no Wi-Fi and won't connect to a browser for me to put in whatever room number I'm in or whatever and if I go back and pick i am at home then none of my apps will play. I am so frustrated has anyone else had anything like this happen?

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Re: Please help

We had similar issues in a dorm room. After contacting IT for the college, it turns out we needed to register the Roku's MAC address with the WiFi provider. We had to do this for all devices that don't have an internet browser, such as a Nintendo Switch. Call the WiFi provider's help line and they should be able to help. The MAC address is under the settings for the network on the Roku device. Call the college IT department, they should be able to help.

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