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PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve tried everything and Roku still won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Basically last night I was watching Netflix (which surprisingly only crashed 5 times before I got to watch anything) and decided to go on Hulu. The screen froze, and ended up just redirecting me to the Home Screen which said there was no connection at the top right. This has happened many times, and usually a router restart does the trick. However only once before has it absolutely NOT WORKED. Last night and today are one of those times. I’ve tried everything, reset the tv, disabled network pings, unplugged the TV, restarted the router at least 20 times. Unplugged the tv and router and tried connecting the TV once the router started back up NOTHING. I did a factory reset and still NOTHING. The other two Rokus in the house work just fine, obviously the internet works just fine as I am able to post this on Reddit and google “solutions” to this problem. My question is, is there anything I overlooked? Anyone have similar problems? What did you do to fix it? The last solution I have is to toss this tv into the dumpster after going at it with a sledgehammer haha. I’m getting frustrated with the repeated failures of this device and it makes me miss old school cable. Thank you guys in advance!

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Re: PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve tried everything and Roku still won’t connect to Wi-Fi

You've done a lot of things, including accessing some Roku secret screens. Those can be good or bad, depending on the issue.

You also used the term "reset" which can have different meaning. If you mean you rebooted the device, the term "reboot" is clearer. If you mean you did a factory reset of the device, the term "factory reset" is clearer. We're dealing with a range of experience in those that have issues and come here for support. If your issue is resolved, and it helps others, using clear, unambiguous terms will help those in the future.

You didn't say which device you have, but I'm guessing a Roku TV of some kind. If it is, provide the manufacturer name and their model number, as well as Roku model number from Settings > System > About

Also, the Roku OS from that screen.

Go to Settings > Network > About

What is showing there? We don't need to know IP address or MAC address (unless MAC address is all zeroes, which would be an issue), but the rest may be helpful.

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