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Over 1Tb usage in one month - Comcast tech blames Roku Box

Our first month with Roku and streaming YouTube TV.  Our internet provider is Comcast which has a 1Tb monthly data limit.  We used almost 2Tb in November yet we only stream live or recorded video 4-5 hours/day.  Comcast website says we should be able to stream video 21 hours a day and and stay under 1 Tb limit.  Comcast service tech came out and said the problem is our Roku boxes.  He said they use up data whether we are streaming video or not.  If you don't unplug them (instrument power) when you are not using them they will use data.  He turned on our Samsung Smart TV using the Samsung remote (not the Roku remote) and the Roku aquarium screen saver came on.  Tech said this screen saver running 24 hours/day  uses up data even though you aren't streaming any live or recorded programming.

I am going to download an app for my router so I can see the data usage by device in real time.  That should allow me to unplug instrument power from the Roku box and see if I can notice any reduction in data usage.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Re: Over 1Tb usage in one month - Comcast tech blames Roku Box

I’m having the same problem as everyone else with the new ultra. I bought it for the Ethernet port. Before this I had the original Amazon Cube. You not only had the choice of resolution, but picture quality. The choices were “Best, Better, Good “. The three options were for data consumption. Amazon also offers a way to program an alert when the tv or streaming device has used a certain amount of data, that you set, for the month. On my 1080p tv with “Good” setting on the cube, I was using +\- 1Gb per day. That’s just for the tv. My Fire tv with the Ethernet port being the only connection, there’s no resolution change option. It uses whatever the streaming service uses or what I can adjust inside an app. This tv uses a little more data then the cube. With Xfinity 1Tb per month cap= approximately 33Gb/day you can use. I have my tv now at 720p, and after monitoring data consumption by the Roku, I go into my router settings and pause internet connection to the Roku when I’m not using it so it cannot INHALE any more data! I had the Roku on the home screen, watched local tv from my antenna for 6 hours, and 4Gb of data was used. My other devices on the network were not the culprits. A new generation Amazon Cube just came out, I’m considering trading in my Roku for it since I just bought the Roku two weeks ago.
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Re: Over 1Tb usage in one month - Comcast tech blames Roku Box

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Re: Over 1Tb usage in one month - Comcast tech blames Roku Box

I'm having a similar but different problem.  I have a 300 Gig data cap on my internet service.  For the past 2-1/2 years I have had no problem staying under that amount because there was a "hidden" menu on my roku tv that allowed me to manually choose an mbps download setting.  I would set it at 5 and my tv worked just fine with no buffering or noticeable decrease in quality.  Since the new Roku system upgrade that appears to have happened a couple of weeks ago, that menu has disappeared. (Or  has moved and I don't know how to access it anymore) I'm now having trouble staying under my cap, especially if I watch Hulu and Hulu's Showtime add-on, which are two of my go-to channels.  They're now using about 2 gigs per hour! (In comparison, Amazon Prime and Acorn add-on use about 1 gig per hour.) And to boot,  I'm now often getting messages about buffering issues which I never got before.  I'm retired and home a lot and I can't use 12-15 gigs a day watching Hulu for only 6 or 7 hours.  That's crazy. I can't find any help on the Hulu site, or on YouTube which is where I first learned about the manual mbps setting menu a couple of years ago. Does anyone know if that menu for manually choosing a download rate still exists somewhere on my Roku tv? Thanks

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