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Onn Roku 24" TV won't connect to wifi

I purchased an on Roku 24 in TV 2 days ago. Set it up and it worked fine. It's when I turn it off and back on that there's a problem. It will not reconnect to the Wi-Fi. I have reset my Wi-Fi. Nothing. Someone suggested turning off Network ping. Did it. Nothing. The only way it works is if I do a complete factory reset every single time I turn it on. This is crazy! I have tried a series of buttons push on the remote to get to the system settings... Changed them. Still nothing. I have called support a dozen times. Nobody is ever available. I leave a message (as prompted) and they never called me back. I have emailed. Nothing in return. I'm ready to throw this thing like a frisbee out of a second-story window!

Purchased 9/13. 

S/N E0200272H2A029949

Inn Roku TV 24" 720p

Level 7

Re: Onn Roku 24" TV won't connect to wifi

I have the 32” version of this TV and am having the same issue. It won’t connect unless I go to the internet setup and go through it. All the info is saved and all I have to do is click through it, but it’s super annoying and frustrating. 

Level 7

Re: Onn Roku 24" TV won't connect to wifi

same issue I have with the 32".  Factory reset is the only way to connect to the internet.   Once i turn the TV off and back on,  it loses connection and never comes back.  Tried enabling ping,  but no help.  HELP!!!!


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