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Not sure which is worse...

The Wi-Fi performance of my Express or the "performance" of Roku support.  12 days ago, I reported a problem where my device suddenly stopped getting a good signal (RSSI -99dBm). By the time I contacted support, I had tried all kinds of troubleshooting, including:

    • Replacing the wireless access point with another one


    • Moving the device to a different location


    • Moving the device to a different TV


  • Comparing WiFi signals with those reported by other devices, including an old Roku.

To me (a not-completely untrained eye), it looks like the wifi on the device simply went bad. Still, armed with all of this information, I was asked, over the course of several days, to do a network connection reset (already tried that) a factory reset (already tried), and finally, to provide my shipping information for a replacement, or so I thought.  Nothing for 5 more days.

The 2-to-5-day delays between emails, and the complete lack of response unless I ping the email thread is frustrating beyond belief. I understand that these are cheap devices, so expecting top-notch support is perhaps unrealistic, but c'mon. Either honor your warranty or don't have one.

Has anyone had a good experience dealing with Roku for a support case/RMA?

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