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Not enough bandwidth? - laptop and roku same time

I got a new laptop this Xmas. I can no longer be on the laptop and watch something through Roku at the same time.
My ISP is still the same.
New laptop has Windows 10/Edge running.
Could that be an issue?
I was always able to use the 2 together on my old laptop. Windows 7.

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Re: laptop and roku same time

What do you mean you can't watch? Does the video fail? Do you get an error message on one or both of the devices? If the video is failing, it could be because your internet isn't fast enough to stream two devices at one time. What is your internet speed? Go to to find out (make sure you're not streaming on any devices when you run the test). The operating system of the PC shouldn't have any effect on the number of devices you can stream on at a time.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: laptop and roku same time

Sounds like a problem with your router or a bandwidth issue. Shouldn't be an issue with the PC or Roku themselves.
Router - ASUS RT-AC68U
ISP - TWC - 50 Mbps/5 Mbps
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Re: laptop and roku same time

Is this a cable modem for Internet access? There are some providers that configure their modems to only assign a single IP address, so only one device can connect. I know you said it worked before, but there's nothing different between Windows 7 and Windows 10 that would cause this. It is most likely something that isn't working correctly on your home network. I don't want to get technical unless you have some knowledge about networks, so let us know.
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Re: laptop and roku same time

I have a 2012 Dell desktop with Windows 10 Home v1709 (latest version); a Roku Premiere Plus (2016 40-inch Sony 1080p TV); a Belkin N600 router; and 1.28 Mbps DSL. Dell desktop was upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 for free in 2016.

I have Windows 10 / Edge / YouTube (Bloomberg LIVE, 144P) streaming; then started Premiere Plus / Netflix (played Stranger Things, then played Bright). Both the Windows 10/Edge/YouTube and the Roku/Netflix videos streamed simultaneously OK. Netflix picture actually looked pretty good on the Sony. I had the YouTube video playing in a small window on 21.5" Dell monitor, due to 144P.
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