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Not connecting to the interenet on my home network

Use ROKU on all three of my TV's and as of today all three are unable to connect to the internet on my home network.  All other devices in my household are working just fine and ROKU worked fine until today.  Was there some sort of update pushed to all ROKU devices that is causing this problem.  Would seem the case since all other devices are working and this has happened to all three ROKU devices in m house.  Any ideas?  ROKU support sucks big time as they will not talk to anyone.

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Re: Not connecting to the interenet on my home network

Did your Rokus recently upgrade to version 9.3 of its operating software? Find out via Settings > System > About. Many people are reporting varied problems since receiving 9.3, although it seems to have slacked off of late.

Have you tried restarting your devices? Settings > System > System restart. That may be all it takes.

If still no network connection, try to reestablish your net connection via Settings > Network > Set up connection.

If STILL not getting network connection, try restarting your router. I know this doesn't seem to make any sense when other devices are connecting without issue, but it has worked for me on several occasions. When it comes back up you may need to again restart your Rokus and set up your net connections again (I've had times when I needed to and times when I didn't).

Good luck.

Oh, and one more thing. If you DID receive the 9.3 update, go back into Settings > System > System update and do a manual update check. This will make sure any of your channels that need to be updated for 9.3 receive their updates.
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Re: Not connecting to the interenet on my home network

I am having the same exact issue.  I can connect them to my mobile hotspot, but not home internet.  Have spent hours the past 2 days messing and resetting everything multiple times and VERY disappointed in ROKU support right now.  Will never recommend them to anyone again.

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Re: Not connecting to the interenet on my home network


Login to your router and verify that you network is properly configured to work with Roku.  All Roku devices are at least capable of working on the 2.4ghz band of your network.  Verify that the 2.4ghz band is enabled and broadcasting, using a channel between 1 and 11 (initially try 1, 6, or 11 then tweak as necessary), and try lowering bandwidth/channel width to 20 mhz. 

If your device is dual band (capable of using 2.4 ghz or 5 gzh, then verify that your 5ghz band is enabled and broadcasting, using channels 36-48 or 149-161, and try lowering bandwidth to 20mhz then tweak as necessary to 20/40 or 40 mhz.

Noticed in another posting you are using Spectrum ISP.  Other users reported needing a new modem/router from Spectrum to resolve their issue (Not sure if they bothered to verify their network settings first.)  You can definitely search the forum for their issues or confirm your settings provided above and post back with an update. (router model number, Roku device model numbers) 

Edited: Just saw in your third or fourth posting that you have 14.5 error with a Roku 3900x which is normally a password issue.  Normally a "special character", but not always issue.  Troubleshoot by not using a password and see if it connects.  If so, then try a simpler password without special characters and test again.

Additionally, it is better to choose a thread or post a new thread entirely and provide your Roku device model number and all the info you have gathered regarding your issue, rather than piece-meal through multiple postings in different forum threads.  A little easier to follow if all info is in one place.

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