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No wireless connection

I have 2 Roku ultra and 1 express, no changes to my set up and all of a sudden while watching one of the Roku ultras there is no internet connection. The express had connection and tried the other ultra and it worked for 30 seconds but quickly said no connection. Tried doing a reset on both and nothing. Still after a couple hours the express and phones still have internet connection but not the ultras. Any suggestions? 

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Re: No wireless connection

I doubt it would happen to 2 Devices at the same time by chance.

What type of Router do you have? I suspect that is where the problem lies.

Did you throw your coat on it? Or Barf on it? (This happened to me once)

You should try to log into the 2.4 ghz connection rather than the 5ghz if you have both.

Probably some interference. let us know....


Roku Ultra ---Ethernet rules---
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Re: No wireless connection

Started happening on both of mine since last week’s update. They’re saying no internet connection, even though my speed tests are fine and I’m using other wireless devices in the house with no lag. Was on chat with Roku for 90 minutes this morning. The only thing that’s working is unplugging my Rokus for a few minutes every time I want to watch TV, and then it’s fine until the next time I turn it on. Drops the connections again until I unplug it and wait. 

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