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No longer have home for wifi

Hi not tech savvy here so need help! We no longer have house w/wifi associated with roku & are living in our 5th wheel in Campground while searching for a new home.  How do I contact our TV to roku? I am assuming it's a smart TV as it has a roku button on the TV remote. For now we're using the Campground's wifi.  My kids are locally to help lol


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Re: No longer have home for wifi


Your Roku should see whatever networks are available.

It looks like there's a question about whether or not you have a Roku. Roku TV remotes don't have a "Roku" button, as they are already Roku. Roku Stick and boxes don't have a "Roku" button either, for the same reason.

Unless it's a really old Roku Ready device that was sold by Walmart and other places back from 2012-2014. Those included a Roku MHL Stick either on the back of the TV (it's purple) or sometimes behind the panel in the back of the TV (you'd have to take the cover off to see it). I never had one, so I can't say what the remote looks like, but that's the only thing that comes to mind.

Perhaps @Tivoburkee has some thoughts.

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