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No Internet connection while in use

This 2 year old Roku Ultra (which replaced the Roku 4 I had for the same reason)  suddenly,  while watching a program,  lost its Internet connection and now keeps restarting to a wallpaper with no words. 

My Roku 4 died a similar death but I said to myself I'll just upgrade to the Roku Ultra and I did -May 2018.

Here we are again 24 months later with an Ultra that lost internet connection and keeps restarting to a blank wallpaper screen,  from which you can do nothing. 

My Asus Router App shows the wired connection by there is no data transfer. 

Of course everything has been shut off - wait a minute - re start... Router,  Modem,  TV, Roku,  several times to no avail. 

ROKU needs to add a disclaimer that owning a Roku Ultra will cost you $50.00 per year. 

On my way to get yet another $100.00 Roku Ultra. 

So glad my 4K UHD HDR TV, Asus Router and Motorola Modem have a better quality life span. 

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