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New Streaming Stick+ Won’t Connect to Wireless – Old Firmware

I don’t usually write reviews or help posts, but I felt compelled as I think this may be able to help someone in the future purchasing a ROKU device. Bought the Streaming Stick+ new to try to get prepared to get off Satellite (DN) and move to a streaming service. The particular flat screen TV I am trying this on has no built Wi-Fi or apps, it just has HDMI/USB connections. Plugged it in, got to the screen where I connect to my wireless network, put in the password and it shows connected to network but would not connect to the LAN. My wireless works as I have WIN 10 laptops, an IPAD and IPhone which all work fine on wireless. After 5 hours of troubleshooting (looking on the Internet, Roku support,  Linksys for my Router and Access Point configuration) I was getting ready to return it to the store when I ran across a suggestion that I try the Hotspot on the phone to isolate my wireless as the problem. My complete shock that it connected went through all the setup and updated the firmware on the Streaming Stick+. I was happy, but also sad that the problem seemed to be in my network somewhere. Just to try one last thing, I reset the Streaming Stick+ by holding down the reset button for more than 15 sec. The connection screen came up, but it was a completely different looking screen and color this time and it was missing the LAN connection step. After I put in the wireless password, it connected to my wireless network went through setup and is working fine. My opinion is Roku should give you some way to update the device to the latest firmware BEFORE you try to connect it to the TV.

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