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New Router, Roku only sees the slower band network, already changed channel to 153

I needed to get a new router and set it up this evening. All my other devices are connected to the 5Ghz, but neither of the Roku devices (both model #3920X) are picking up the faster network. They both show the 2.4Ghz but neither will show the 5Ghz nor are able to find it when I manually enter the information. It is a Linksys AC1200 dual band router, and after going through the forum earlier I changed the channel for the 5Ghz to 153. I've restarted the router and the rokus several times. 

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Re: New Router, Roku only sees the slower band network, already changed channel to 153

The 3920 model is the Roku Premiere.  Both the Roku Express and the Roku Premiere only operate on the 2.4gz band of your network, so seems like you have everything working correctly. [single/mono band devices]

The Roku Streaming Sticks, the Ultra, Streambar, and Soundbar are the Roku models capable of using the 2.4gz or 5gz bands of the network. [dual-band devices]

The single band devices can only "see" and use the 2.4gz band.

The dual-band devices can "see" both the 2.4gz and 5gz bands and use either the 2.4gz or 5gz band.

Hope that helps clear it up for you.

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