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New Roku Express - Will not connect to (2.4GHz) wifi after initial update

Brand new, just purchased tonight. 

Entered wifi password and it connected just fine. Green check marks, connected to internet etc.

Prompted for a software update which it then downloads, installs, reboots, etc. After that, it will no longer connect to my 2.4GHz SSID that it just connected to prior to the update.

I have tried using the reset button to reset to factory defaults (same result, connects initially then fails after software update), tried connecting to a wifi hotspot (also fails), changing wifi channels, changing the 2.4Ghz channel width, rebooting my wifi router, probably more that I can't remember. Wifi signal strength is not an issue - router is on the other side of the wall (other devices much further away connect just fine).

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Re: New Roku Express - Will not connect to (2.4GHz) wifi after initial update

@derrekwilliams  Thanks for the note here. A couple more questions to help clarify details: 

- What is the specific make and model of wireless router you are using? 

- Have you tried adjusting the wireless broadcast channel on the router to see if this resolves the issue? 

- Have you tested connecting to a different wireless network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if this is successful? 

Keep us posted and we'll see what other recommendations we can make from there. 





Tanner D.
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Re: New Roku Express - Will not connect to (2.4GHz) wifi after initial update

After many hours of frustration with this problem (and TWO Express units unable to connect to my network after the November update is applied), I believe I have finally fixed this. (Since ROKU apparently hasn't even bothered to acknowledge the issue.

It's NOT your router. It's not your network. It's the Express stick, the SE Box (which uses the Express firmware), and possibly the EXPRESS + stick as well. 

Symptoms: It connects fine initially to set up. After the update installs and unit restarts, it no longer connects to your network (even though it may still SEE it.)

Resolution: (And dont ask my exactly why this works, but:

Go to HOME> Setttings> System>Advanced System Settings>Device Connect>and select DISABLE DEVICE CONNECT.

Restart the unit. It may even restart on its own after about 20 seconds. After the restart, it should automatically connect to your network.

To test this after it does, PULL THE POWER to your unit and let it sit about 5 minutes. Then power it up again, and it should still be fine.

Hope this works for you as well. If it does, you're welcome. Smiley Happy

Shame on ROKU.

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Re: New Roku Express - Will not connect to (2.4GHz) wifi after initial update

Had the same problem on my 2 players.  I was not able to disable the option you stated because of the remotes I have with the player but was able to reset the network connections then establish the wifi connection again and it now works.  Everything else on my network works fine, just both Roku's went offline at the same time.  Auto-Updates suck some times.

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