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New Member: Roku will not download

I am a new member and new to a Roku and need assistance if possible.

I am staying at a timeshare facility so purchased a Roku Express + so we could stream Netflix.  When setting up the Roku it connects to the internet supposedly, giving me green checkmarks in all 3 boxes.  After a moment it comes back and says it could not load the software update and gives an error code 003.  I fiddled with it for 2 hours or more last evening and was going to take it back today but thought about trying here first.

I think the issue may be the tiered sign in they use here.  I select the network and put in the password assigned for this facility and it works - I get the 3 green checkmarks.  At that point, with my laptop, another screen comes up and asks for my username and password to access the "streaming" network that I paid an additional fee for.  I don't see that the Roku has the ability to get me to the 2nd screen - it wants to download the software after the 1st password instead of loading the 2nd browser.  Does that make sense?  Is it incapable of that kind of access?  Thoughts are appreciated.

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