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Network Connectivity Issue

I have the Roku Express Plus, Model 3910x.

We were getting Poor signal strength in our family room where the Roku is set up, it was basically becoming unwatchable. Shows would buffer about every 15 seconds, over and over. Had the Verizon guy over. He installed a Network Extender, which brought the signal up to Excellent, which was indeed excellent.

But ever since then, when watching Hulu, Netflix, WWE Network, or any of the apps we have installed. the LED light on the Roku box will blink for about 20-30 seconds once about every 15 minutes, it will say "No signal" and interrupt whatever program you're watching. But there is a signal, because our laptops, phones etc. are not not affected. After blinking for 20-30 seconds, the Roku will return to the previous Excellent signal strength and you can resume watching your show. This repeats over and over, as long as the Roku is on.

I have tried everything I can think of. I have reset the Roku, reset the router, reset the network extender, reset the network connection under Advanced System Settings, moved the Roku box around to different locations. The issue persists and is becoming quite annoying.

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on what might be causing this? Is it possible I simply need to get a new Roku box? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Network Connectivity Issue

There might be some kind of interference, I'd suggest switching from/to 2.5GHZ or 5GHz as a test.

FWIW, I find 2.5GHz goes a bit further but of course 5GHz has higher throughput and if the signal is consistently strong 5GHz is preferable.  Another channel on the frequency being used might help as well.

An extension HDMI cable will allow you to reposition the Roku, perhaps another location close-by will improve results.  If the ROKU is connected to the extender WIFI while your laptop is connected to the main router WIFI, the signal from the router to the extender may be dropping out and this wouldn't affect other devices connected directly to the main router WIFI
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Re: Network Connectivity Issue

I am having the same problem with the network connection.  When I had the HDMI cord that come with my Roku hooked up, that was coming up a lot.  I changed to a 6 foot cord and while that message still comes up, it's not as often and does not stay on the screen as long, maybe just a couple of seconds whereas before it was was about 10-15 seconds.  

I've watched several other channels/apps and that message never comes up.  It only happens with WWE Network.  I'm wanting to get this fixed before hooking the one up that I bought for my Mom.  I've done an uninstall/reinstall and all of the necessary updates.  

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