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Level 8

My 2nd Roku device won't connect to my internet

I can not get my ROKU Express+ to connect to the internet.  All of my other devices are connected to the internet so that is not the issue.  I disconnected my other TV and reconnected it to make sure I was using the right user name and password with no issue.  They are correct.  

My Roku on my second TV recognizes my router immediately.  I put in my user name and password.  It gives me the error code of 014.40 every single time.  I am at my wits end and am very angry at this point.  
I know one thing.  I will NEVER recommend ROKU to anyone after this experience.  


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Level 7

Re: My 2nd Roku device won't connect to my internet

I have the exact same issue. I even returned the device and got another one, same problem

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