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I just bought the 2020 Roku Ultra. I want to buy my own WiFi/internet combo modem. What is the best modem for connection? Our internet provider (windstrem) said we need no fiber, DSL copper internet. We have 9 devises, but never used at the same time. Our home is about 4500 sq ft. We are trying to cut cable altogether.

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Re: Modem/router


@Lindseydean wrote:

... internet provider (windstrem) said we need no fiber, DSL copper internet.  ...  home is about 4500 sq ft.

Please clarify the bit about no fiber, DSL copper. Is that saying you have DSL and not fiber? Or that you have neither fiber nor DSL and  which would leave a cable inter net connection?

You are looking for a simple easy answer, but IMO, there is not really a best of anything setup to look for. There are usually several hardware solutions that will work fine. Cost is a factor. You could possibly spend hundreds of dollars more than you need to try and achieve some ideal "best" setup. Some folks are more technically inclined and what works better for them may not work as well for someone who may have difficulty with understanding how to configure these devices.

So I am going to say that you will need to do some research. I will suggest that you should get a separate modem and router setup. When looking at modems (of any type) if you find a modem you realy like  for its modem function, but it does have a built in router, make sure that you can set the router to the mode that passes all traffic directly between the incomming port (ie what the isp connection goes to) and the WAN port (what you would connect a stand alone modem to). This may be called "bridge mode" in the device.

For a 4500 sq ft house, I doubt a single router with wireless will cover the entire space. There are multiple ways to extend the range of a single wireless router. There are wireless repeaters, wireless bridges, and the newer mesh wifi solutions. They have differnt cost ranges and levels of difficulty in configuring them.

Routers that use the wifi 5 / 802.11ac protocol will work just fine for you in terms of roku streaming. But you may want to consider getting wifi 6 / 802.11ax devices as a way of hedging your bets against possible future needs. The wifi 6 stuff will be more expensive in general.



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