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MAC address is all zeros...AGAIN

It was only a week or so ago that I got a replacement unit shipped to me. With the previous unit, one day it just wouldn't connect to Netflix or Pandora so I went to set up the network again. It wouldn't connect and suggested I might have MAC filtering on my router (I do) and it said the MAC was 00:00:00:00:00:00. I did a factory reset and then during setup it got to the part where it says "select your network" but there's nothing on the screen to select. 

So they shipped me a new one. 

So, sometime in the past few days my wireless router lost it's IP address from my ISP. It happens from time to time and I reset the cable modem, do a DHCP renew on the wireless router and I'm back in business. However, now my replacement Roku is doing the same $%^#&@ thing the old one did. MAC address said all zeroes and a factory reset gets me to the same "select your wireless network" yet there's nothing to select. Since I'm posting this from my laptop, connected via wireless, I know darned well my wireless isn't the problem.

Do I have to go round and round with tech support again? This is starting to get me stabby.

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