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Lost network with V9.2.0 build 4806-46

I just got my first ROKU device (Ultra Model 4670X) one week ago.  As soon as I powered it up for the first time it immediately detected my wireless network and connected.  No problems all week.

However, I have an Insignia TV and there is a known screen problem (having NOTHING to do with the network) with this brand.  There is a thread about this and here’s the link:

There is a workaround for the blank screen problem posted in that thread, which I’ve been successfully using all week.  But there was also a message posted suggesting that a system update will solve the original blank screen problem.

So this morning went to the Settings -->System screen and forced the update.  That’s when my problems began.  Immediately upon completion of the installation of V9.2.0 build 4806-46 my network connection was lost – never to be acquired again! 

So I uncoiled about 30’ of Cat 5 cable and was able to get it going with a wired connection.  Just to make certain that there was no problem with my router/adapter gear I rebooted that and hooked up the adapter to a computer that I set on the same entertainment center where the ROKU device is.  I immediately got a network connection.  So, before you ask, I know that my router/adapter system is OK and that the problem is with the ROKU – specifically the system update, since it was working flawlessly right up to the moment when that update installation was complete.

Thanks in advance for any help that may be offered.

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Re: Lost network with V9.2.0 build 4806-46

Ooops!  Forgot to add that -- before you ask -- yes, I went through the tedious factory reset and startup procedure -- TWICE!

Again, TIA for any help that may be offered.


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