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Just connected a TP Link AX3000 and now remotes do not work

My Linksys WRT3200ACM was starting to show signs of age.  I replaced it with a TP Link AX3000 and now I'm having issues with both of my Roku remotes.  I've tried hard resets of both the streaming sticks, remotes and re pairing the remotes.  I've changed batteries as well.

The remote will work for 10-20 seconds and then it stops.  This occurs after removing and installing the batteries.  It's like it loses it's paring or there is some interference that was not there before.  I'm having the same issue in two different rooms.  I never had this problem with the Linksys router but I just don't see how the router would be affecting the remotes.

Programming streams fine with out interruption.  You have that 10-20 second window to pic what you want to watch and then the remote goes ka-put.  So, your stuck on the channel or show.

I've also noticed that the remote battery life indicator flashes on the screen randomly at times.  I searched the net and couldn't find a documented issue with this particular router.

I'm at a loss.

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Re: Just connected a TP Link AX3000 and now remotes do not work

Same problem here. Just swapped routers today. Same symptoms on both my Rokus.

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