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Is wireless and Wired networks same time possible?

Hello, i am thinking of buying Roku Premiere Plus, which offers both wireless and wired connection. I have a different networks, one is lan only, which has a good internet connection and a wifi, which should not be connected to the other lan. So i want my Roku to be getting the internet from the lan, but at the same time to be connected to the wireless, so i can cast some contents from my mobile, which is connected to the same wifi. Can roku be set up this way fixed (so i don't always have to switch it by myself everytime when i want to cast)? I can't find an info about it on the internet. since i don't have a device yet, i can't rty it by myself, thanks.

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Re: Is wireless and Wired networks same time possible?

As far as I can tell, this isn't possible. Both Roku devices I have owned chose a single interface, wired or wireless. 

In general, most consumer devices don't have good support with any network more complex than a single subnet that has a default gateway and a single Internet connection. You can absolutely get them to work in more complex environments, you sometimes just have to work at it a little bit.

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