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Level 7

Internet issues on my express

I have a old Roku express my issue is I’ve it it on the same spot for over a year with no problems now it won’t work. The Roku won’t stay connected to the internet where my iPad and phone do on streaming. Also when it shows I did connect I tried it then says network error then must of disconnected in the middle of that anc continues to do that I can’t even try a software update because it does the same this I did a system restart 3 times no luck one time on my router 

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Level 8

Re: Internet issues on my express

I've been having the same problem with my roku premiere but not my roku tv. I bought mine over Christmas. The only way I have been able to get mine to work is to shut my modem off. I work from home and everything else works. This is ridiculous and there's no way to reach anyone at roku!

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