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Re: Internet download Speed is Poor

Its been months and no one has addressed this issue.  And no professional will come into my home to fix the device.  It was an update issue and they didn't do anything to fix it and still haven't.  If they really cared about their customers they would have fixed this months ago.

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Re: Internet download Speed is Poor

If your device is defective, then why haven't you put in a warranty claim months ago? The only way that Roku is going to know that your device is broken is you putting in a warranty claim.  I own 5 Roku devices and 3 are still under warranty for another month or so. The warranty from Roku is one year long. If you own Roku TVs then you need to contact the TV's manufacturer and report the problem. The only thing that an update has broken for myself is the antenna signal indicator now shows only one bar instead of showing correct signal strength for the antenna. I don't care about the issue because that TV is setup for streaming live TV now.

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Re: Internet download Speed is Poor


This thread started about 2 years ago, so which update are we talking about?  The recent update to 10.5 has caused major issues for some, but that is only a few weeks old.  They've been automatically rolling back certain problematic Roku models to the previous version and also rolling back other Rokus on request.  Certainly, 10.5 has been a big problem for Roku, but general wi-fi problems and the variabilities of wireless communication are also ongoing. 

You'll also see people in this thread that say they had problems, and then a Roku update fixed it.  Another person said, his ISP fixed "something".  And speaking of ISPs, my ISP keeps rolling out updates to their gateways that cause issues with some subsets of some customers' devices.  Some of those, like their first stab at Wi-Fi 6 got rolled back (to the protest of customers with working Wi-Fi 6 devices, of course!) and some they just leave to users to work out.  As I read this stuff, I always think to myself: Make sure the next house is wired for Ethernet everywhere!  It is SO much more stable!

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Re: Internet download Speed is Poor

Just came across this thread, not sure if anyone is still looking.  I was having very low download speeds (2-3mps) and it was very frustrating.  I noticed in Advanced Settings that the ability to "Mirror" was enabled.  As I do not use this feature I disabled it.  Since then, my download speeds are consistently in the 20s.  Not great but much improved. 

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