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Internet connectivity since last update

Since the last update my 2 roku express looses connection to my internet, I have to go into my netgear router and manually change the channel and then the roku picks up the wireless internet.  This works for a couple of hours and the I have to do it again.  It is also very frustrating that there is no phone number anywhere to get support from roku.  Please fix this issue and release a new update.

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Level 7

Re: Internet connectivity since last update

I have also noticed this.  I have 2 Roku Ultras 2019 and one Roku Ultra 2020 and they all have issues now with the ethernet connection. There is constant buffering and I have gigabit fiber service.  Nothing changed but there was an update around when things went sketchy.  Roku connection test says Good and comes in at 90 Mbps. 

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